Teen Councils


Have you ever attended a library program and though it was fun, it didn’t really match up to what you exactly want? Do you look at our shelves and say to yourself “while the books are great, they could be better”? Well, you can voice all those thoughts and opinions at one of our Teen Council meetings.

What exactly is a Teen Council? It is a time when you can let your voices be heard and help plan programs, discuss books and media selection on our shelves. Typically hour-long meetings, Teen Council programs are for any high schooler and middle schooler to meet with your librarians to make sure the libraries reflect what you want to see. It is a chance to let your voices be heard, a time to create a space for you to be unequivocally yourself and to earn volunteer credit (get those hours) while doing so. Some Teen Councils also offer a fun activity (and food) during the meetings AND some offer digital meeting spaces for those who cannot make it to the library. We recognize that your lives are really busy – so we wanted to still give you a space to participate in the discussion. Drop-in and check out a Teen Council near you!

Current Teen Councils are:

Betty Rodriguez Stock Image

Betty Rodriguez Library (online only)

We know you're busy and can't always make it to a program in person, so why don't you join our online teen council! Visit the page on your own time, share your thoughts and comments on one of our discussion pages, and let us know what will bring you into the library. You get a say in what happens at the Betty Rodriguez Library. Do you want board game days, movie nights, or cooking classes? Share your ideas and earn volunteer credit! Click on the link and share your ideas:  https://bit.ly/2mifuUJ

Caruthers Library (2nd Saturday at 11am)

One of our more recent teen council additions, the Caruthers Teen Council is a fun hour-long program where teens can come together and figure out what they want to see in their library, whether it be geeky fandom crafts or video games or even college planning. Also, if you can't make it to the branch in person, you can always join digitally! Just swing by Caruthers one time, scan the code, and join our digital teen council space! You can help design a Caruthers Teen Council logo, plan monthly programs, and just have fun - just as if you were at the meeting in person.

Caruthers Teen Space
Fresno Central Teen Area

Central/Downtown Library (3rd Thursday at 4pm)

Located in our main branch, the Central Teen Council meets every third Thursday of the month in the Student Study Zone on the first floor at 4pm. Here teens can help their teen librarian choose fantastic displays and plan fancy programs. You might even see a fun poll like what is better, Marvel or DC? Spoiler alert, it's Marvel - if you don't agree, come by the Central Library Teen Council meetings and change our minds. Oh, and you can earn volunteer credit by stopping by. Call 600-READ for more information.

Clovis Regional Library (2nd Tuesday at 3:30pm)

The Clovis Teen Council is an active group that is always in search of new members. Teens get a say in what they want to happen for their library programs. They also continue to provide great insight into the building of the new Clovis Library. Did I mention we have snacks? As part of this teen council, you can tell us what you want in your library, be it games, more snacks, study groups, or something we haven't thought of yet - that is why we need you! Come share your ideas and earn volunteer credit! Join us every second Tuesday of the month at 3:30pm.

Clovis Collage

Fig Garden Library (1st Thursday at 6pm)

Started in Fall 2019, The Fig Garden Teen Council is brand new and ready for fun members to add their voices to the conversation! Come stop by every first Thursday of the month at 6pm to check us out. Meet new people, eat some snacks, and discuss what you want to see in the Fig Garden Library. Volunteer credit can be earned by participating - so come get some food, make new friends, and get credit for voicing your opinions!

Fowler Library (1st Saturday at 11am)

The Fowler Teen Council is a fun hour-long program where teens can come together and join their teen librarian to figure out just what there is to do in a library. We want to hear from you! Do you want to have Bad Karaoke nights, all the snacks you could dream of, or movie nights? Let us know! Also, if you can't make it to the library in person, don't worry, you can still participate! Swing by Fowler one time, scan the code and join our digital Teen Council. There, you can help design a Fowler Teen Council logo, plan exciting monthly programs, and just have fun, just as if you were at the meeting in person.

Fowler Teen Space
Gillis Library Teen Area

Gillis Library (3rd Saturday at 2pm)

Started in Summer 2018, the Gillis Teen Council is an excellent place for teens to be active participants in planning library programs - we are just waiting for you to join us at our next meeting! Do you want all the food and cooking programs you can think of or are you more competitive and want to take down everyone in a round of trivia? Let us know! Come join us every third Saturday of the month at 2pm. If you can't make it to the branch in time for the meeting - no worries, we have an online space! Just swing by Gillis, scan the code and join us digitally!

Kerman Library (1st Wednesday at 2:30pm)

The Kerman Teen Council has been active since 2018 - but it is always looking for new members! In its one year of life, the Kerman Teen Council has done some really fun things - from marching in the Kerman Harvest Festival parade to testing out VR equipment to other really fun programs. If that sounds like fun, come join us - we need new energy and faces! Come express your opinions, meet new friends, and plan more fun activities with your friends (while eating some excellent snacks). Join us every first Wednesday at 2:30pm and let your voice be heard.

Kerman Teen Area
Kingsburg Teen Space

Kingsburg Library (4th Saturday at 3pm)

The Kingsburg Teen Council is a fun hour-long program where teens can actively participate in planning and designing their own library experience. At these monthly meetings, teens can design their own Teen Council logo, think up for programs for the branch to hold, and really just help the teen librarian and the branch decide what to do in the library. Also - if you can't make it to the meeting in person, no worries! Swing by the Kingsburg Library, scan the code and join our digital Teen Council space! You can do everything you would do if you were there in person - only from the comfort of your own home.

Sanger Library (4th Saturday at 2pm)

Another brand new addition to our teen council collection, the Sanger Teen Council is just a few months old - and we are definitely looking for some exciting members to plan some fantastic library programs. We meet every fourth Saturday of the month at 2pm so come join us and add your voice from the very start! Help us plan what YOU want to see from YOUR library!

Sanger Teen Area
Selma Teen Area

Selma Library (2nd Saturday at 2pm)

Started in January 2018, the Selma Teen Council is a small but dedicated group - but it is always looking for new members. During its short life, the Teen Council has planned a Wii competition and experimented with every type of slime imaginable - if this sounds like something right up your alley, then join us! Stop by and let us know what you want to see and do in the library. If you can't make this meeting in person, don't worry - you can always join us in our online space! Swing by Selma to scan the code and join our digital Teen Council. There you can help design a Selma Teen Council logo, plan monthly programs, and then just have fun - just as if you were meeting in person.

Sunnyside Library (Last Wednesday of the month at 5pm)

The Sunnyside Teen Council has been around for some time, but they are debuting a brand new time for Fall 2019! We are now meeting every last Wednesday of the month at 5pm (moving from their 2pm Saturday time slot). The time might be new, but the fun still remains. Join us for a great time discussing what to do in the Library (with snacks provided). From video games to karaoke contests, the sky's the limit with this teen council. Don't forget to check out our newly designed Teen Space as well!

Sunnyside Teen Space
West Fresno Teen Space

West Fresno Library (3rd Wednesday at 4pm)

The West Fresno Teen Council is just getting the fun started! Started in Fall 2019, we are definitely in the market for some new faces! Stop by the branch and add your voice to the crowd as we determine what exactly we should do for teens at the West Fresno Library. Come share your opinions on all things teen services every third Wednesday of the month at 3pm. You might also be asked ground-breaking and important questions like which is better, oceans or mountains (dark horse candidate - the desert)? Call 600-9277 for more information or just stop by and help us get the party started.

Woodward Park Regional Library (3rd Wednesday at 6pm)

One of our longer running teen councils, the Woodward Park Teen Council is constantly thinking up fun and new programs. In the past, the Woodward Park Teen Council has created some really fun programs like Harry Potter Day to Percy Jackson Day. There are some really cool things being done in the Woodward Park Library because of this teen council, but it is definitely missing your voice! Join us every third Wednesday at 6pm to think up and plan new and exciting programs for the future!

Woodward Park Teen Area

If you are interested in starting a Teen Council in your library - contact your local librarian OR come join us at one of the current Teen Councils to get a sense of what we actually do. Did I mention that you get volunteer credit and free food?