Teen Councils



Have you ever attended a library program and though it was fun, it didn’t really match up to what you exactly wanted? Do you look at our shelves and say to yourself “while the books are great, they could be better”? Well, you can voice all those thoughts and opinions at one of our Teen Council meetings.


What exactly is a Teen Council? It is a time when you can let your voices be heard and help plan programs, discuss books and media selection on our shelves. Typically hour-long meetings, Teen Council programs are for any high schooler and middle schooler to meet with your librarians to make sure the libraries reflect what you want to see. It is a chance to let your voices be heard, a time to create a space for you to be unequivocally yourself and to earn volunteer credit while doing so. Drop-in and check out a Teen Council near you

Current Teen Councils are:

Woodward Park Regional Library (3rd Wednesday at 6pm)

One of our longer running teen councils, the Woodward Park Teen Council is constantly thinking up fun and new programs. In the past, the Woodward Park Teen Council has created some really fun programs like Harry Potter Day to Percy Jackson Day. There are some really cool things being done in the Woodward Park Library because of this teen council, but it is definitely missing your voice! Join us every third Wednesday at 6pm to think up and plan new and exciting programs for the future!

Woodward Park Teen Area

If you are interested in starting a Teen Council in your library - contact your local librarian OR come join us at one of the current Teen Councils to get a sense of what we actually do.