Housing & Shelter


Safe Place


Provides access to immediate help and supportive resources for youth in crisis. Safe Place is a youth outreach program that connects businesses and volunteers to provide help and safety to youth facing abuse, neglect, bullying, serious family struggles, homelessness, and more. As youth enter a designated Safe Place location (sites displaying a yellow and black Safe Place sign) and ask for help, trained volunteers connect them to appropriate assistance.


Call/Text: 559-475-8047 / 559-475-8157




Sanctuary Transitional Shelter


Provides overnight shelter for homeless young adults (ages 18-24) and drop-in services for those under 24. Residents can receive housing support, counseling and supportive services, and employment and education services.


Call/text: 559-931-1444


Located: 1045 T Street, Fresno CA 93721



Sanctuary Outreach Services


Provides street-based outreach services including, but not limited to distributing basic needs items (food, clothing, hygiene products), case management, transportation assistance and more to individuals and families living on the streets.


Call: 559-475-8047