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Interested in finding out what happens after political and social structures fall apart? Check out these books to explore worlds where the way of life has taken a drastic turn for the worse – and follow along with our intrepid heroes as they just try to survive.

Graphic Novels

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – and in the cases of these books, they tell the whole story. Check out these fantastic graphic novels and comic books for a grown-up picture book.


Want to see how the past lived? Is the modern day boring you? Pick up these books that take place in the past to see the adventures of yesteryear – no TARDIS required.

Mystery / Thriller

Want to exercise your crime-solving skills? Need to test out your ability to determine whodunit before the final page? Pick up these books and read them right quick – just be careful, you might find yourself seeing suspicious characters at every turn.

Realistic Fiction / Contemporary

We can all agree – magic and fantasy are the greatest escapes. However, sometime we all need a dose of reality. These books are stories and characters that are all 100% believable – and in some cases, the plots are taken right from the headlines.


Need a great love story? Want to read about a romance that will sweep you off your feet? Desperately seeking a story that will make your heart skip a beat? Then check out these fantastic romance books today!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Want to explore worlds where magic and fantasy rule? Want to imagine a world where the future is now? Then check out these stunning science fiction and fantasy novels – and go along with the characters as they explore worlds and realms where things aren’t always what they seem.

Standalone Novel

Want a good book, but just not ready for the commitment a series brings? Then pick up these books that are perfect all by themselves – no extra reading required.

Teen-Authored Books

Looking for inspiration for your own novels? Want to see that yes, teens can write and publish on their own? Want to read books from your perspective? Then pick up these books that were written by teenagers for some inspiration and motivation.