What is on our Discord?

Are you missing out on hanging in your library with your friends - well, come join us in our digital hangout space: the Fresno Library Teens Discord server! We have:

  • Discussions of your favorite books, TV, animes & mangas
  • Multiplayer game nights for Switch and PC gaming
  • Dungeons & Dragons, and other RPGs
  • Online Teen Councils and other ways to get involved!
  • And so much more!

Come and make some new friends - or invite some of your own, and play as a team!

Brief note on the rules:
- Keep your language and all posts clean (artwork, memes, etc.)
- Make your username your real name to help ensure privacy and safety
- Avoid spamming messages
- Protect and respect the privacy of others on the server (no sharing information, screenshots, etc. with anyone outside the server) We trust you to follow these rules.

PLEASE NOTE that racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny are never acceptable here or anywhere. If you are the target of any of these behaviors, please let one of us mods know so we can keep you and others safe. All posts will be monitored.


Click the image to join the fun!

Discord Events

Dungeons & Dragons: Join us every other Saturday from 2pm-4pm for plenty of Dungeons & Dragon fun! Veterans and new recruits are welcome!
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