Teen Reviews

If I could sum this book, actually this whole series, up in one word, it would be: AMAZING!!! This book is full of magic and mystery. It is not cheesy in the way where everyone’s alive and happy. Many people die, and it is hard for the other characters. There is also love that makes you smile and not wrinkle your mouth in disgust. It is very descriptive, so that you may picture everything in your mind and see it how Ms. Rowling wanted you to see it. This book/series is an excellent combination of everything that I, and I’m sure many others enjoy: action, adventure, love, heartbreak, sadness, and deep-ness. I’m not sure is deep-ness is a word, but the books are very deep, meaning they go into to real world subjects and bad things actually happen.

Reviewed by: Hazel T.

Harry Potter (whole series)

Author: J.K. Rowling

This series of books is by far my favorite. I love these books, because they are entertaining and sparked my interest. I don't know why but when I read it for the first time it made me want to read more and more, so I finished the series of seven books in about two weeks. I was so sad when I finally finished the series, because there were no more books, so I just re-read the lot. It was amazing.

Reviewed by: Morgan D.


Author: Jake Halpern

After Fourteen Years of Day comes Fourteen Years of Night. On this island, the sun doesn't set like normal. Every fourteen years of daytime, the sun sets and the island is plunged into fourteen years of night. The inhabitants of this island know enough to leave the island when the sun begins to set. Anyone who gets left behind is never heard of again. This year, a boy goes missing just as the inhabitants are about to leave their island and Marin and her brother and the missing boy get left behind.

When I opened this book, I had no idea what to expect... a cheesy horror story, or a really good, frightening story that raises goosebumps. As I read further in this book, I was surprised to find a really good, goose bump-raising story. It's especially chilling if you read it alone at night. The story takes unexpected twists and turns and keeps you engrossed in the story right up to the very end.

Reviewed by: Citlali V.


Author: Elliot Smith

Recorded in friend's houses little did aspiring Indie Folk artist "Elliott Smith" know that he would make one of the most important records for the Indie movement at the time. Every song on here is a hard swallow to those who can relate to its honest and melancholic lyrics, but is a nice listen to those who want to pass the time with music. It's not innovative musically, but it sure is impressive lyrically. It's one of the more accessible Indie records out there and with songs like "Say Yes" and "Ballad Of Big Nothing" its easy to see why. Little hints of optimism and faith pop up here and there in an otherwise depressing record, which makes it very human rather then being sad for no reason. The lyrics also remind me a bit of Bob Dylan's songwriting, in the sense that the lyrics can mean a number of things. A song can be about addiction or about love, Ultimately, it's up to the listener the decipher. All in all, this record makes a very good listen for those rather lonely nights and is one of my personal favorites.

Reviewed by: Gavin G.

The Novice

Author: Taran Matharu

The first book in the first series of this upcoming star writer, Tara Matharu. Venture into a strange new world, similar to Eragon, as a war between orcs and humans unfolds. Follow Fletcher as he embarks on a trip to learn how to control the power demon summoning. The first book of the summoner trilogy.

Reviewed by: Ddraig G.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Author: James Patterson

This sci-fi, action, thriller and fantasy novel is the first book out of the whole nine book series. It's also critically acclaimed. Heck, it even got a manga series and a terrible movie! No, seriously. It's awful. I watched it and it made me wanna hurl. The series is REALLY good up until the last two novels. Still good, but not as good as the ones before it. The book(s) focuses on Maximum "Max" Ride and her 'family' of different ethnicity's who escaped from an awful science lab they call "The School". The "White coats" take children and fuse their DNA with different ones. Some are successful. Others... Let's not talk about those. It's REALLY good and I recommend it... Buuuut at your own will. It's a bit dark, pretty bloody and the last four novels are NOT for anyone under 15. But other than the caution I've given you and terrible movie that the author made, it's a good series and worth the time you spent reading it. Expect a TON of plot twists that will leave you at the edge of your seat, screaming "I KNEW IT!" I know I did.

Reviewed by: Trinity G.